Warranty Weamco, Inc. hereby warrants all products against defects in materials and/or workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of the product’s installation or eighteen (18) months from the date of the product’s shipment, whichever is the shorter period. Provided, however, this warranty and guaranty is effective only for those products which are used within the service and pressure range for which they were manufactured. The Customer’s remedy for any breach by Weamco of this warranty is the replacement of parts found by Weamco to be defective in workmanship or material. In the case of products or parts not wholly of Weamco manufacture or design, the remedy for any breach of this warranty contained herein shall be limited to the extent of the recovery by Weamco from the manufacturer or designer of such products or parts of its warranty to Weamco. Customer hereby indemnifies and holds Weamco harmless from any and all damages, claims of damages or other losses claimed against the customer or Weamco not covered by Weamco’s warranty, and/or not arising out of the operation of the product(s) covered by Weamco’s warranty. Except as provided for herein, Weamco makes no other warranty, either expressed or implied, regarding the merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of the parts and products sold by Weamco to the Customer. 2350 Industrial Road, Sapulpa, OK 74066 • Main: 918-445-1141 • sales@weamco.com Toll Free: 800-331-3790 • Fax: 918-445-4617 • www.weamco.com 5-19 Warranty