Uni-Flo Conventional Ball Provers The system is completely interlocked and automated Interchange seal must be indicated before sphere will launch Launch valve must be closed before seal cylinder retracts The effortless operation of Weamco’s Uni-Flo design, assures you of years of consistent reliable meter proving. 2350 Industrial Road, Sapulpa, OK 74066 • Main: 918-445-1141 • sales@weamco.com Bulletin UFP-112 Toll Free: 800-331-3790 • Fax: 918-445-4617 • www.weamco.com 5-19 Page 2 of 3 Proving Cycle & Control Sequence: A. Power On – Prover is automatically set to the “ready” position B.  “Start” – The seal cylinder is activated. When seal is determined by the differ- ential pressure switch indication the launch valve is opened and the sphere enters the prover barrel flow C. “Proving” light or signal appears when sphere is “in-flight” D.  Cycle completes after last detector switch is made, prover is set to “ready” position again “All functions above are completed automatically” Annular Cavity Pressure Connection Differential Pressure Gauge/ Switch or Transmitter Line Pressure Connection Seal Verification Design: Double Tapered Seat w/Annular Cavity Interchange Section Hydraulic Cylinder Molded Elastomer Plug PROVER READY SEAL CLOSED START PROVE PROVING SPHERE LAUNCHED STOP/ RESET G R R A INTERCHANGE CONTROL PANEL