2350 Industrial Road, Sapulpa, OK 74066 • Main: 918-445-1141 • sales@weamco.com Bulletin PDS-118 Toll Free: 800-331-3790 • Fax: 918-445-4617 • www.weamco.com 5-19 NOTES: FOR RFQ – PLEASE PROVIDE ALL AVAILABLE INFORMATION TYPE: Bidirectional Unidirectional Volumetric Launch Chambers Type (Describe) Horizontal Vertical Inclined Stationary Portable (Describe) FACTORY TEST & CALIBRATIONS Witness Yes No Hydrostatic Test Yes No Water Draw Calibration Yes No Radiography, 100 % Spot % No Vents: Qty Size Valves Drains: Qty Size Valves Pressure Taps: Qty Size Gauge valve Thermometers: Qty Type Thermowells size Pressure Relief Valve: Size Type Field Calibration Nozzles: Electronic instrumentation: CONSTRUCTION: Design Code: Standard is API Chapter 4 & ASME B31.4 Elec. Classification: Standard is NEC Class 1/div 2/group D. ASME Pressure Rating: Insulation Required: Yes No If Yes - Type Thk. If Bi-Di, 4-Way Diverter Valve Mfg.: Cameron/General is Std. Actuator/Operator: Type Preferred: Power Required: Operator: Local Remote Internal Coating: Yes No If Yes - Air Dried Epoxy Baked-On Type External Coating: Sphere Detector Switches Type (Mag-Tek M-6 is Standard) AML Required: Yes No If Yes, please provide METER(S) TO BE PROVED: Make Model Type Size Pressure Rating Pulses per GAL / BBL U.S. SERVICE: Fluid Type Specific Gravity API / SPEC@ Viscosity SSU / CST@ Flow Rate – Max. Min. GPM / BPH Fluid Temp. – Max. Min. ºF Ambient Temperature ºF Fluid pressure – Max. Min. PSIG Meter Prover Data Sheet Customer Date Contact RFQ/PO Email Project Phone Location Address End User