Uni-Flo Conventional Ball Provers 2350 Industrial Road, Sapulpa, OK 74066 • Main: 918-445-1141 • sales@weamco.com Bulletin UFP-112 Toll Free: 800-331-3790 • Fax: 918-445-4617 • www.weamco.com 5-19 Page 1 of 3 Weamco’s Uni-Flo reduced volume unidirectional ball prover is one of the most reliable prover designs on the market today. With an interchange design unique and superior to old problematic designs from the past, it’s user friendly, seamless operation and low maintenance requirements, make it a smart choice for all your meter prover requirements. Designed to meet all API Chapter 4, Section 2 requirements, Weamco’s Uni-Flo reduced volume prover is the best combination of conventional ball prover design matched to today’s advanced flow computers using double chronometry. Larger units are available on request. STANDARD RATINGS AND SIZES MODEL NUMBER PROVER BBL DIA. PROVER VOLUME NORMAL FLOW RANGE OVERALL DIMS (APPROX.) UFM-8 8” 100 gallons Min. 200 BPH Max. 2,000 BPH 5’ wide 25’ long, 9’ high UFM-10 10” 160 gallons Min. 350 BPH Max. 3,500 BPH 6’ wide 30’ long, 10’ high UFM-12 12” 200 gallons Min. 500 BPH Max. 5,000 BPH 6’ wide 35’ long, 12’ high Design Features & Benefits: User friendly reliable automated operation for both local or remote Differential pressure switch with automatic seal indication adjustable to operation requirements with optional time delay Interchange designed for safe, easy access for sphere and seal maintenance Heavy-duty long lasting high quality components and construction Low minimal maintenance costs Ease of water-draw calibration Low pressure drop Smaller footprint