Cast Y Strainer

Product: WM Series

Our Cast Y Industrial Basket Strainers feature low pressure drop streamlined design, generously sized strainer screens, and compact end-to-end dimensions with a variety of size ranges and materials of construction.

Y Strainer Installation Instructions

1. Ensure all machined surfaces are free of defects and that the inside of the strainer is free of foreign objects.

2. For horizontal pipelines, the strainer should be installed so the drain connection is pointing downwards.

3. For flanged end strainers, the flange bolting should be tightened gradually in a back-and-forth clockwise motion. Threaded end strainers should use an appropriate sealant.

4. Once installed, increase line pressure gradually and check for leakage around joints.

5. If the strainer is supplied with a start-up screen, monitor pressure drop carefully.

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