Prover Refurbishment

Product: PVP-112

For years, Weamco has been a leader in the ability to take used meter provers and refurbish them to like-new condition at a fraction of the cost of a new prover. In many cases with updated technology, the refurbished prover is better than the original. Whether it is bidirectional, unidirectional, volumetric, portable or stationary, Weamco can refurbish your prover. Refurbishment can be done to your desired specifications, or we would gladly review your current service requirements along with your existing prover and make a recommendation on what we feel would best meet your needs, while staying within your budget. Typical items we can offer for prover refurbishment: • Disassembly and inspection to evaluate extent of work to be performed prior to work commencement • Sandblast out old coating to white metal and bake out remaining • Re-work 4-way valve with soft goods kits, slips, re-chrome body and plug if required • New electric actuators • Lengthen pre-run to increase flow rate • Lengthen calibrated section for meter changes • Internal grinding or repairs of prover pipe • All new seats and O-rings • New sphere stops or ramps • New Mag-Tek® switches • New sphere; inflatable polyurethane, nitrile, or neoprene with accessories (pump and sizing ring) • External sandblasting and painting • Re-calibration; water draw method, repeatability within • 0.02 percent per API Chapter 4.2 and Chapter 12.2.4 Whatever your situation, you can rest assured that with Weamco’s extensive experience in manufacturing and rebuilding meter provers, strainers, and more, we have a solution for you.

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