Corrosion Coupon Holder

Product: CH-100 / CH-200

Our Corrosion Coupon Holder is for inserting and retrieving a Corrosion Measurement Coupon in a pipeline. With this equipment, you will only need one man with a few minutes and no special tools to change a corrosion measurement coupon in a pipeline while under continuous operation pressure. The coupon holder accepts a 1/2” wide by 1/8” thick coupon, and features a Teflon seat to eliminate electrolytic corrosion. This unit can be installed in either the vertical or horizontal position, and we offer sizes to fit most pipe diameters, so you can get exactly what you need for your job. Information required for quote: 1. Type (CH-100 or CH-200) 2. Pipeline size 3. ASME Rating or design pressure and temperature 4. Dimensions from valve face to center line of pipe 5. Closure O-Ring: Viton or Buna-N Contact us at Weamco today with any further questions or to receive a quote.

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