Model M-6T Designed for non-lubricated, dry and dirty services.

Product: M6T-112

The Mag-Tek® M-6T sphere detector switch is designed specifically for dry product service with non-lubricating properties and dirty services containing abrasives such as rust and other foreign particles. The M-6T has a unique pressure-balanced piston design that has a washing action to keep foreign particles flushed away from the switch area. Precision machined and factory sealed with only one moving part, allowing no adjustment in the field. The proximity switch is set inline in a fixed position. This results in less maintenance, therefore avoiding expensive downtime and unscheduled recalibrations. The results are years of trustworthy maintenance-free service. • Adapters available to fit most competitor switch base and mounting configurations • Available in SPDT or DPDT contacts • Available to meet NACE or low-temp services • Available to meet CSA • Designs available for above or below ground installation All components of Mag-Tek switches are kept in stock for immediate service. Contact us today to place your order!

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