Cast Simplex

Product: PDG-WMS

How to Use Pressure Drop Charts for our Oil & Gas Basket Strainer for Pipeline

1. Using figures 1 or 2, determine the pressure drop (PI) through the basket strainer with water flow and standard screens.

2. If non-standard screens (i.e. 40 mesh, etc.) are being used, apply factors in chart 1 to determine corrected pressure drop (P2).

3. Multiply P1 or P2 (if used) by the specific gravity of the fluid actually flowing through the strainer to get P3.

4. Using chart 2, multiply P3 by the appropriate Component Factor (CF) to get P4.

5. Let P5 = P3 - P4

6. Multiply P4 by the appropriate Body Loss Factor (BF) in chart 3 to get P6.

7. Multiply P5 by the appropriate Screen Loss Factor (PF or MF) in chart 3 to get P7.

8. Total pressure drop: P8 = P6 + P7

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